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Peugeot 208


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The 208 is slightly smaller than the 207 - but the smart design makes it seem even more compact on road while actually increasing the amount of interior space. Slimmer front seats free up an additional 5cm of rear knee room for example, and an enormous optional glass roof lets in loads of light.

But the biggest changes are up front. Peugeot has placed the gauge pod right on top of the dashboard, closer to the driver's line of sight - meaning you look above the steering wheel rather than through it to see how fast you're going. Right next to that, also high in the dash, is a slick new touchscreen interface.

Fitted as standard on all but the entry-level Access trim, this not only looks ace but works extremely well. Moving around within its many functions - including the £400 satellite navigation option - is intuitive, the touch control speedy and responsive, and the graphic interface pleasingly modern without being derivative.

There's Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones and iPads, and all the test cars had dual USB sockets and a 12v power connector. Neat flippy air con controls, beautifully detailed seats and other accessories, such as handbrake levers and pedals, mean we can easily forgive the 208's occasionally cheap feeling plastics.

Mar 18, 2012 3:25PM

May we ask the reviewer, having driven the vehicle and compared it with the 206 and 205 to give examples of why this is an excellant small car.


Not Perfect? please explain why in your opinion. Fresh package? Please explain which parts of the design are fresh and compared to what stale designs. Its mentioned some new thinking and sound engineering. Can we ask, what the new thoughts and what are the sound engineering parts and compared to what?If you are going to spend time and money initiating a review, could you please be informative, analytical and specific if not relative to your audience.


Thanking you in advance.

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